Top Chef challenger Lilian Douchet inaugurates his restaurant at Chartrons

“I am aware that many people travel to see me. The minimum is to be there for them, smiles the media chef. When I am asked for a photo, I leave the service to come and take it. This afternoon, I spent about twenty minutes chatting with customers around a table. If he feels relaxed at the idea of ​​being away from his kitchen, it is thanks to his team that he has carefully selected over the past two months. The seven cooks took over the restaurant a week ago in order to skilfully grasp the culinary vision of Lilian Douchet.


His partner being from the area, the young man trusted him and set his sights on the “sleeping beauty”. Among the twenty potential places he visited to choose where he was going to settle, the chef decided for the Chartrons. “I also had the possibility of settling in the city centre,” he explains. But that would have led me to develop a gourmet kitchen, only for a culinary elite. It is not my wish. »

Instead, Lilian Douchet relies on “conviviality”. Inside the restaurant, elegant blue seats stand in the dining area. But, a little earlier, in the entrance, there is a bar dedicated to cocktails, which the chef sees as a way of emphasizing this lack of pretension. “I want to create a place where people are happy to come. Having fun is all that matters,” he says. On the menu, the program is varied: mackerel, herbaceous potatoes, confit pork belly… All for menus around 30 euros at lunchtime, and around 50 to 60 euros in the evening.

“I’ll be happy when the restaurant is full. Bar point »

The chef has now also landed on the terrace. He appreciates the few puffs of air he can afford to take before the evening service. Until September, Lilian Douchet plans to spend three days a week at Lil’home. The neo-Bordelais has to share his time with his Parisian restaurant, Dame Augustine, which he is also launching this month of May.

A great entrepreneurial revenge for the young cook who had suffered a failure when launching a restaurant in Beauvais, in 2019. The fault of Covid-19, the sign had to close just after its opening. This time, there is no question of encountering a new disappointment: “I will be happy when the restaurant is full. Point bar. »

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