“Top Chef”: Louise dared to use an edible tablecloth to surprise chef Mike Bagale

TOP CHEF – Two months after Dominique Ansel’s participation, it was the turn of American chef Mike Bagale to challenge the candidates of Top chef this Wednesday, May 4 on M6.

The inventor of “floating food” asked them to surprise him by offering him a unique tasting, a dish that did not exist. If Pascal imposed himself with his idea to make the chef “eat the impossible” with a habanero pepper -one of the strongest in the world- accompanied by lemon-rum ice cream and a snowball, Louise, second in the event, is undoubtedly the one who had the most unusual idea with her tablecloth edible.

To shape it, she prepared a chicken stuffing, sprinkled with flowers and plants as patterns. She went so far as to present her “dish” by placing an empty plate, cutlery, a bottle of wine and a bouquet of flowers on top, for a perfect illusion.

“I’m going to make him eat the tablecloth”, she had fun before the start of the event. “I really like it. It’s a very ambitious concept for a meal. I touched the tablecloth. It is edible. It’s very, very impressive. I’ve never eaten a tablecloth before,” reacted Mike Bagale to the dish.

This idea also amazed many viewers, as can be read in the tweets below. Others, however, have pointed to the dubious hygienic side of such a food concept…

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