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Toulouse. Abandoned Cat Alert

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A protection association sounds the alarm Too many cats are abandoned.

She is aware that the period is complicated and that goodwill is often solicited. But Sylvie Gil can’t take it anymore. And worry gnaws at her. “I created the association Les Chats de l’Espoir 31 on February 1, 2020, explains this Toulouse resident. individuals who have changed their minds and are tired of having an animal often acquired on a whim”. Despite all her goodwill and that of the host families, with more than 140 cats, Sylvie is struggling to cope with the situation. “The abandonments have become too numerous. I can’t make it anymore. People drop them off at my house, in front of the association’s door. And as I am in contact with the municipal and national police, people call to report cases of abandonment and asking me to come and collect these poor cats. Animals that are not always in good health. It has become more and more complicated”. Because these animals must of course receive care: sterilization, vaccine, tests, etc. “All this is at our expense without any help. Except from time to time an unexpected gift”.

All donations are welcome

A complex situation with debts that accumulate at the veterinarian who refuses to provide the necessary treatments, “we fear having to collect fewer animals”, deplores Sylvie. So she appeals to everyone’s goodwill to make a donation according to their means, of course, or a check from veterinary clinics (Mermoz and La Cépière), or even help with the purchase of kibble or changing the litter: “The smallest euro is necessary and will be used wisely”, confirms Sylvie, whose passion for animals has always been present “I have taken care of them since childhood. For me, it’s normal. Seeing all this abuse that every year increase, I felt the need to found this association”. A place now surviving.

Cats of Hope 31: 0 681 258 739

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