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Toulouse: attacked by a dog, a police officer opens fire near the Esquirol metro station

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A surreal scene played out this Saturday morning at Place Esquirol, in Toulouse. A burglar bit a police officer on the ear before ordering his dog to attack him. An official had to open fire.

This Saturday, in the early morning, a policeman was forced to open fire near a metro station in Toulouse. He didn’t hurt anyone but the detonation startled the dog which bit his calf. His master, aged 33, was arrested. In addition to the violence committed on the policeman, he is suspected of having committed two burglaries.

The case originated rue des Blanchers in Toulouse. Around five o’clock in the morning, the inhabitants of an apartment surprise a thief in flagrante delicto. The Monte-en-l’air, accompanied by a Malinois, takes several objects inside the accommodation and leaves. When the police arrive on the scene, they realize that the burglar hasn’t just visited a single house. Other residents complain of having been robbed and also describe a man accompanied by a mastiff.

Helped by the video protection of the Pink City, the officials were quick to find the trace of the suspect. He strolls a few hundred meters away, near the Esquirol metro station. A police crew catches up to him and asks him to stop. But the individual seems very drunk and does not cooperate. Visibly very excited, this 30-something throws himself on one of the police officers before biting his ear until it bleeds. And to help him during this attack, the suspect then orders his dog to attack the official in turn. The animal bites the victim on the calf, while his master still holds his ear between his teeth.

The ball lodges in a wall

This surreal scene takes place under the eyes of another member of the night brigade. To calm the situation, this policeman orders the assailant to stop. But the burglar doesn’t listen to him. The policeman finally pulls out his gun before pointing it in the direction of the dog. A shot goes off but does not hit anyone. The bullet eventually lodges in a wall. Luckily, the sound of the detonation frightens the Malinois, who immediately moves away.

The police take advantage of this lull to apprehend the accused and place him in a drunk tank. He will be heard this Saturday afternoon by the investigators. At the same time, his four-legged companion was also taken care of by the specialized services.

Bitten on the ear and calf, the injured man was taken to the hospital for treatment and to take an anti-rabies test.

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