Toulouse: discover Turbine, the Bazacle guinguette overlooking the Garonne

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A new restaurant took place this Wednesday, June 1 on the terrace of the EDF Bazacle power plant, in Toulouse.

A decoration made of wood, a breathtaking view of the Garonne, a neat menu, Turbine opened this Wednesday, June 1st for its first summer season, after only one week of installation. They are four at the origin of the project: Jérémie Moles and Sébastien Ochoa, the founder and chef of “Cantine & Gamelle”; Antony Garcia and Jérôme Cholley, partners on the “Mas Tolosa” and “Coco feet in the water” in Plaisance-du-Touch. They joined forces with EDF Hydro Sud-Ouest and Bazacle, collaborators on the project.

For lunch, snack or dinner, “It’s a place where you can enjoy all day,” explains Jérémie Moles. The restaurant welcomes you from 11 a.m. to midnight, in continuous service. At your disposal, a menu that brings together three worlds: sweet, hot and cold. The sweet part is provided by their partner La Belle Liégeoise. Waffles, ice cream, smoothies and milkshakes, the franchise has a stand on site. For lunch and dinner, enjoy a tasty menu concocted with local and seasonal products: courgette flower tempura, burrata, beef gravlax, gilthead sea bream sashimi or the perfect truffle egg, everything with daily suggestions from the chef, Sébastien Ochoa. “We emphasize the service and the quality of the products on the plate,” insists Jeremie. As for drinks, the restaurant offers an extensive cocktail menu, creations specific to Turbine developed by a mixologist. Electrolytics, volt’ cream or the light sisters, they have been baptized by names in the field of electricity, in a nod to Bazacle.

“A place where you feel like on vacation”

A decoration like at home. The place was imagined by Nora Pozo, in charge of the layout of the restaurant, she specifies: “We wanted a place where people feel good, like at home or on vacation”. Fringed parasols, striped buoys, coconut fiber pergola and bark chestnut trunk furniture, it is a vintage reproduction of a terrace from the 70s. At the table, real plates and real cutlery, a desire of leaders who wish that their customers “find the luxury and comfort of a real restaurant”. The tables have been arranged so that everyone can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Toulouse, the left bank; and on the play of light invested by EDF on the facade of the building. The place will host events: Sunday brunch, themed evenings, and of course, an evening is organized for the music festival!

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