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Toulouse: lawyers are making a comeback

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The Grand Chamber of the Toulouse Court of Appeal welcomed the solemn return of lawyers from the Toulouse Bar around the President Pierre Dunac and the Deputy President Frédéric Langlois.

The lawyers of the Toulouse bar made their solemn return on Friday. The opportunity to highlight the young lawyers, winners of the eloquence contest of the Conference. This year Kamar-Eric Hadi, who was sworn in in 2020, received the gold medal and his speech on “freedom” was praised. Ophélie Dormieres and Louis Weinling-Gaze ​​share the Conference silver medal, Sarah Nabet-Claverie finishes third and Clément Rouger fourth.

In front of many guests, in two voices, the president of the bar Pierre Dunac and the vice-president of the bar Frédéric Langlois took advantage of this return to underline the daily difficulties of justice, “a justice in total disinheritance, abandoned for decades. eye that hides the files that pile up in the clerks, so many lives made impossible while waiting for the outcome of a dispute, that one day perhaps a judge will end up deciding.

My Dunac and Langlois were also worried about the future, castigating alternative modes: “The temptation has become great to use alternative modes as a systematic way to offload the flow of litigation that the judicial institution is in the ‘inability to absorb’. They also worried about artificial intelligence. “With such a system, no more reversals of jurisprudence, no more praetorian creation such as responsibility for the fact of things, this is what this predictive Justice announces, making the Judge an Oracle without office.” Before saluting “the courageous platform” of the magistrates “who for the first time denounced a breathless justice whose daily actors are in ethical distress”.

This solemn return to school ended with an evening marked by the great return of the UJA magazine. She was doing “her cinema”, worthy of the Césars and the Oscars combined!

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