Toulouse. This new downtown bar serves mojitos at an unbeatable price

Christophe Sutto, Thibault Birbes and Florent Bonzom opened Tito Mojito, in Toulouse, on Thursday April 28, 2022. (©QM / News Toulouse)

Since Thursday April 28, 2022, rue Jean-Baptiste Merly, in Toulousehouses a new bar. Tito Mojito has settled down in this place located halfway between Compans-Caffarelli and Joan of Arc. A story of the alignment of the planets, between three men who were destined to find each other.

“We said to ourselves: banco! »

They are named Christophe Sutto, Florent Bonzom and Thibault Birbes. The first, aged 54, managed restaurants in Spain. The second, which has 48 candles on the clock, comes from the agricultural world. The third, 24 years old, chained several different positions before embarking on an adventure in Tito Mojito.

Besides being all three from the Toulouse region (Cintegabelle, Carbonne, and Toulouse), they have a common passion, the mojito. But Christophe Sutto recognizes this: “I almost order more because each time, I’m disappointed “. Florent Bonzom adds: “when you go to a classic bar and pay for it between 8 and 10 euro… you only take one”.

“I who went out a little in Toulouse before opening here, it was very quickly seen: everywhere you go, the Mojito costs 8 euros. And then I did a little bit of catering: the bartenders, that annoying, they have to get out their mint… it’s not really what they like. It disappointed everyone a bit, it’s expensive and it’s not very qualitative. So we is said: banco!”

Thibault Birbes

The strength of the mono-product… at 3 euros 90

A family bond unites Thibault Birbes and Christophe Sutto: the first appoints the second “uncle”, which is called… Tito in Spanish. The name is then all found. And it is precisely the experience gained in Barcelona for the youngest of the trio that will be a great source of inspiration. “At the Rose Noire restaurant, they made very good mojitos at 3 euros 50!

“We had this project for several years and it came to fruition. We decided to set up Tito Mojito, a unique, different place, where we will work on a single product: it’s quite interesting for everyone. For us , it’s easier to work on it well. And at the same time, thanks to that, we can have reasonable prices. The idea is to follow a price that we assume all the time: you can come to any what time, the mojito will always be 3 euros 90.”

Christophe Sutto
3 euros 90 for a mojito, and not a penny more!
3 euros 90 for a mojito, and not a penny more! (©QM / News Toulouse)

3 euros 90. There is no error on the price! “When we created this project, we thought that people would come out of curiosity, and for the price. They will come and get the trap, since the mojito is only 3 euros 90, smiles Christophe Sutto. But there is no catch and, eventually, they come back! “.

On the way to “Mojiter”!

The trio then rolled up their sleeves. The start of 2022 was marked by ” two-three months of heavy preparation. Before, here, there was a bar that had been closed for almost 3 years. It needed to be refreshed,” concedes Christophe Sutto. For the decoration aspect, the three partners were able to count on the talents of the graffiti artist Cedric Savignac.

The trio was able to count on the graffiti talents of Cédric Savignac, to be more immersed than ever!
The trio was able to count on the graffiti talents of Cédric Savignac, to be more than ever immersed in the world of the mojito! (©QM / News Toulouse)

“He made us a fresco, with fluorescent dye: in the evening it is very beautiful“admires the manager. In terms of bar capacity, “we can drain between 150 and 250 people which turn, figures Florent Bonzom. Knowing that there will be a lot of rotation, between 4 and 5.

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On the menu side, the mojito will obviously be available in several versions: the classic, passion fruit, strawberry, Virgin Mojito… and there will even be flavor of the month. And Christophe Sutto also uses a special stratagem when preparing the cocktail: ice cubes, which melt more slowly. Soft drinks and beers are also on the menu.

Cubelet ice cubes are used at Tito Mojito, for an even more rewarding experience!
Cubelet ice cubes are used at Tito Mojito, for an even more rewarding experience! (©QM / News Toulouse)

We invented a verb, “Mojiter”! The definition is “finding your mojo in the Mojito”! It is perhaps a movement that we are creating, so that the students little by little say to themselves “what are we doing tonight? are we mojiting? “And the idea is that here, we are going to “Mojiter”!

Christophe Sutto
At Tito Mojito, we go
At Tito Mojito, we are going to “mojite”! (©QM / News Toulouse)

A strategic place… and already paying?

The bar is located in a more than strategic location. “The idea was to stay in the hypercentre. As it is a student population, they do not take the car, the business school is not very far, there are metros nearby… We feel good there, recognizes Christophe Sutto. It’s a popular area which fits well with our project. »

“I am in contact with a few BDEs, it will be interesting to get known at the start. I think word of mouth will work. Just for the opening night, we made almost 600 mojitos! We were reassured. And the fact of being next to the Ozenne high school is also a great asset: we are impatiently awaiting the start of the school year.”

Thibault Birbes
Tito Mojito is located just a few steps from the Ozenne high school, where several hundred young people study in BTS.  A real asset.
Tito Mojito is located just a few steps from the Ozenne high school, where several hundred young people study in BTS. A real asset. (©QM / News Toulouse)

“The start of the school year will be quite a new opening, there are nearly 1,000 BTS students in Ozenne, appreciates Christophe Sutto. People talk about it on the networks! »

It is also Thibault Birbes, standard bearer of youth in the trio, who will be behind the counter. “He will be the head general manager of the bar. We are here to accompany him, explains the manager. Then, depending on the development, we will hire staff. »

Thibault Birbes (right) is the bar's chief general manager.
Thibault Birbes (right) is the bar’s chief general manager. (©QM / News Toulouse)

A great ambition

But the three partners intend to develop rapidly. The menu is growing little by little, even if “we didn’t want to do big catering. We stay on mostly cold stuff, with some tapas“, notes Christophe Sutto. Who can still count on the experience of Florent Bonzom.

“I come from the side agricultural charcuterie. I make a lot of poultry, guinea fowl rillettes, smoked salmon, and for a long time. It’s farm produce,” he says. And this part could give ideas to Tito Mojito in the future.

“It’s an idea that we’ve had for a long time: at noon, we’re definitely going to open an omelet bar for the start of the school year, once again to stand out. Omelets that will be available in several ways: cheese , mushroom, and served with a salad… It will be at a reasonable and affordable price for students. We are developing a take-out omelette, to give an alternative!”

Christophe Sutto

“When you look at catering, it has shifted enormously to ‘takeaway’,” adds Florent Bonzom. ” We want to do something affordable, prices for 18-25, both for the student and for people who will come after work”, anticipates Thibault Birbes. A successful take-off and a head full of ideas. Tito Mojito’s flight is set to last…

Bar Tito Mojito
40, rue Jean-Baptiste Merly, 31000 Toulouse
Open Tuesday to Saturday, 5 p.m. to 1 a.m.
Instagram: @titomojito.toulouse

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