Tourists pack their bags

They decided after careful consideration. At the end of the year, Mathieu Biolaz and Nelson Bonvin – rising stars of Valais gastronomy – will put an end to the adventure of the Tourists. A decision with a bitter taste for all lovers of great cuisine. At the head of Les Touristes since 2016, the two friends had acquired their reputation through the mastery and creativity of chef Mathieu Biolaz, supported by a hyper-professional and friendly service led by Nelson Bonvin. From 13 points the first year, they brought the Tourists to 15 Gault & Millau points and, little confidence, the guide was going to award them an additional point this autumn.

The end of a cycle

Chef Mathieu Biolaz has decided to follow his partner around the world. “My friend Estelle works at the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, she has just been appointed abroad. It is an opportunity that cannot be refused. I chose to follow it and take advantage of it to enrich my culinary experiences.”

As for Nelson Bonvin, passionate about wine and music, he teems with desires and projects. “I dream of marrying my passions. The world of gastronomy is vast. From the big table to the modest bistro, we can distil happiness. I remain open to all proposals.”

As for the Tourists, a good surprise could await the regulars. To be continued…

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