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Trump lawyer heard for manipulation of 2020 presidential results

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American justice is on the heels of Donald Trump. While the search of his home by the FBI last week is still causing a stir in the United States, the media across the Atlantic are reporting this Tuesday, August 16, new details on the attempts of the team of the ex-president to overthrow the result of the 2020 election.

In November 2020, Joe Biden had won the state of Georgia by a few thousand votes in advance. Donald Trump then calledthe Secretary of State of Georgia, in charge of elections, to ask him to find the missing voices » to reverse the result.

In December 2020, Rudolph Giuliani spoke before the Parliament of Georgia. Donald Trump’s personal lawyer then repeated the false allegation of the stolen election and urged elected officials not to validate Joe Biden’s victory.

Extensive criminal investigation

Today, Rudolph Giuliani is the subject of an extensive criminal investigation for having tried to influence the elections. A prosecutor wants to hear it tomorrow in Atlanta. Senator Lindsay Graham, another close ally of Donald Trump, is also subpoenaed.

According to information from washington post, a federal court has also issued a subpoena to Sullivan Strickler. The computer scientists of this company were hired and paid by Donald Trump’s lawyers to copy sensitive data from voting machines in Georgia, but also in Michigan, Nevada and Colorado. An illegal intrusion which, according to some experts, could endanger the security of the upcoming elections.

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