Turtle missing for 30 years found in attic alive and well

A family in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, has been shocked after finding their pet turtle who had been missing for over 30 years.

The turtle, named Manuela, has been part of the Almeida family since the early 1980s. Nathalye de Almeida remembers hearing stories from her mother, Lenita Almeida, about Manuela. Manuela was given to Lenita as a pet as a child.

But the turtle disappeared in 1982, when Lenita was only 8 years old. The family suspected that Manuela must have escaped through the front door, left open by the workers working there. Everyone thought Manuela would never come back and that she was lost. It later turned out that the turtle had never really gone anywhere.

In 2013, Lenita visited her childhood home with her family after her father Leonel passed away. The family rummaged through the possessions left by Leonel while cleaning the room. And to their surprise, they spotted something really unexpected. The turtle was found alive in a box in the attic.

“We were in shock,” Nathalye told The Dodo. “My mother came in crying because she didn’t believe him. They had found Manuela. »

It is believed that the tortoise managed to survive for three decades in the store by feeding on the wooden floor termites. It has been almost 10 years since Manuela reunited with her family.

But now the turtle is called Manuel after a routine vet check revealed it was male. Nathalye says Manuel has grown up and is doing well. She says people often ask her about Manuel and his miraculous story of survival.

“I brought him to live with me because I’m very attached to him,” she says. “My mother visits him every week. She is happy to see her daughter with him. She feeds him, caresses him and kisses him. He is part of our family. It’s one of ours. »

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