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Twenty dogs discovered in an abandoned house

Twenty dogs abandoned to their fate in Moisenay, in Val-de-Marne. They were collected this Thursday morning by the association Animal Protection Action (APA). “A few days ago, we received a request for an investigation from neighbors of a house that seemed abandoned but where dogs were heard,” says Anne-Claire Chauvancy, president of APA.

Activists from the latter went there on Wednesday, accompanied by the gendarmerie and the services of the town hall, and discovered 18 border collies and a cat in the house. “This one was in a terrible state with cobwebs everywhere, brown walls, details Anne-Claire Chauvancy. We thought the house was abandoned and in fact it was inhabited by a man who looked like an Orthodox priest. »

Sensory deprivation syndrome

The animals, for their part, were consigned to crates, cages or left to their own devices. “We think that the dogs bred with each other, as they are only border collies, specifies the activist. As they have never been out and have been neglected, they suffer from sensory deprivation syndrome and are therefore very fearful. »

Given the number of dogs, the association returned this Thursday morning with the gendarmes of Chatelet-en-Brie to take care of the animals and entrust them to partner structures. In the meantime, “the owner has been taken into police custody and we have filed a complaint for acts of cruelty”, indicates Anne-Claire Chauvancy. For its part, the Melun prosecution confirms that legal proceedings are underway. But the president of APA fears that it is too late to “succeed in resocializing these dogs”.

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