Two huskies attack the animals of the Larris farm in Ponchon


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The attack was violent and could have had a disastrous outcome. This Saturday evening, two huskies entered the grounds of the Larris educational farm, in Ponchon, before being spotted by a neighbor. ”
He immediately gave the alert to my uncle who was able to intervene in time
“, indicates Alexandra Durand-Roger, owner of the premises. The man was finally able to scare away the two dogs who however had time to attack two animals. If one of the goats on the farm escaped with a few light bites, a ram was seriously injured. ”
He took refuge under a crusher but the dogs had to try to pull him
thinks Alexandra Durand-Roger.

Another resident of Ponchon victim of two huskies

The toll is heavy for the animal. In addition to a bite to the throat, the ram was badly hit on a hind leg. ”
The veterinarian came the next day and performed care for 2h30. The little goat is fine but we are afraid that the ram will lose its paw
“, she continues. Since then, she has been looking all over the village for the owners of the two dogs. And she’s not the only one. Another resident of Ponchon was also a victim of the two canines. ”
He called me to tell me that he had come face to face with them at 2 a.m. on his way home from the communal feast and his goat was also injured in the throat.
“, sighs Alexandra Durand-Roger.

The town hall of Ponchon was notified of the incident as well as the gendarmerie. ”
I wanted to file a complaint but I couldn’t because there is no victim and it was animal against animal
“, she regrets while worrying for the children of the village who could be targeted by the dogs.


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