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Two lawyers meeting Mathias high school students

Yesterday, as part of orientation Fridays, students from Lycée Mathias met Maître Amandine Ligerot and Maître Clément Lopez, two lawyers from the Bar of Chalon-sur-Saône who presented them with the different facets of the professions of justice and training to follow. More details with Info Chalon.

This Friday, December 3, around forty students from Lycée Mathias, all sectors combined, met two lawyers from the Bar of Chalon-sur-Saône.

Framed by Cecile MarketDeputy Director of Vocational and Technological Training (DDFPT), and Hervé Guillarmedeputy principal of the school, they were able to discover the many professions of law and justiceas a lawyer, jurist, judge, magistrate, prison counselor for integration and probation, bailiff, clerk, auctioneer…

This rewarding encounter is part of a program called Orientation Fridays.

Thus, after the trades of tapestry, photography, defense and art, Master Amandine Ligerot and Master Clement Lopez knew how to brilliantly present all the contours of the professions of law and justice “at the heart of the search for truth“.

Our young people were thus able to better understand the daily life of these young lawyers who shared their experiences and the codes of success in the studies and professions of these professionals.

This meeting made it possible to raise their awareness of these professions and to create vocations for some.some having expressed their desire to integrate this field of activity.

They were also able to answer students’ questions, particularly on the relationship with clients, emphasizing the human dimension of the profession of lawyer, the idea of ​​being at the service of others to help them face up to difficulties.

How Me Ligerot explains it: “JI am not on the side of my clients, but beside them“, during police custody, during proceedings, the time of the trial, sometimes even afterwards.

A beautiful moment of sharing experiences that students will remember.

Next week, orientation Fridays will be devoted to journalism professions and, after the end-of-year celebrations, to health professions.

Karim Bouakline-Venegas Al Gharnati

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