Unacceptable! In a Greek restaurant, a man lures a kitten and throws it in the water

Unacceptable! In a Greek restaurant, a man lures a kitten and throws it into the water

It is a particularly shocking scene which was filmed in a restaurant located in Greece.

At the beginning of May, a scene of total cruelty went around the world. It all starts as three people dine outside at a seaside restaurant on the island of Evia, Greece.

A kitten thrown into the sea

Two stray kittens approach them asking for food and one of the guests hangs up a small fish to encourage the kittens to approach him. This is where everything speeds up. The man then grabs the overly greedy kitten and throws it into the sea to the laughter of a woman. The other kitten then flees.

Fortunately for the kitten, he was rescued by walkers and taken to the vet. His days are not in danger. As for the man guilty of this cruel act, he was arrested by the local authorities thanks to numerous reports.

Greek MP Tákis Theodorikákos spoke about this sad affair on his social networks to underline the horror of this situation and its absolutely unacceptable nature: “Violence against animals is unacceptable. The government passed a strict law on the protection of animals against abuse, which is now in force, but in any case, it is a question of humanity and culture. I am deeply saddened for those who abuse animals and for those who tolerate it. »

If found guilty of animal abuse, the man faces a sentence of up to 10 years in prison and a maximum fine of €50,000.

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