unexpected twist for his lawyer and alleged mistress

A lawyer who is making the buzz on social networks

It probably did not escape you, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard opposed during a new trial, the third, but the first in the United States for defamation. The two actors accuse each other. The first claims 50 million dollars, the second 100 million dollars. The trial is filmed, relayed on social networks. Quickly, internet users took sides with Johnny Depp. Camille Vasquez is chosen Ben Chew, Johnny Depp’s lead attorney, to represent the actor. The strategy is barely concealed: in the context of a trial dealing with defamation for domestic violence, the clan of Johnny Depp puts forward… a woman.

But it is not only for her genre that Camille Vasquez is chosen. She is described as bright and fierce. Discreet during the first days, she scores points during the cross-examination that she passes to Amber Heard. She highlights certain inconsistencies, does not hesitate to throw punchlines. She is expressive and footage featuring her is liked millions of times on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

A new impetus for Camille Vasquez

If many people say that Johnny Depp won his lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard, it is not entirely accurate. The two comedians were found guilty of defamation. Johnny Depp is to pay Amber Heard two million dollars for a sentence. Amber Heard owes Johnny Depp $15 million over her Washington Post op-ed.

The actor therefore wins in broad outline, but does not leave all white from this highly publicized trial. In the middle, as on social networks, this success is attributed to Camille Vasquez. According to some sources, his career is likely to take on a whole new perspective:

She’s a smart, smart, poised lawyer. His performance at the trial gave him an unprecedented level of visibility. The fact that she comes from diversity is a bonus. »

And it starts since she was recently promoted to partner in her firm. At 37, Camille Vasquez has undoubtedly experienced the biggest trial of her career, in terms of impact in any case.

Johnny Depp: The real star of a problematic trial

This rise in power in her environment is not surprising since if we were to retain only one star from these many days of trial, it would be her who would come to mind. Omnipresent, she is adored by Internet users who, for the most part, support the actor seen in Pirates of the Caribbean. Camille Vasquez manages to come out on top with her own team, which is still made up of nine lawyers.

In the meantime, the actress’ lawyer assures that Amber Heard cannot pay damages to Johnny Depp. The latter could give up this money since he indicated that this lawsuit was not made for that. It’s more a question of honor for the one who saw his career come to an end after the accusations of his ex-wife.

However, this trial filmed and commented on by millions of people around the world shows that sexism is still anchored in the DNA of our society. Amber Heard may have won two lawsuits in England against Johnny Depp for domestic violence, but here she is only considered a liar. Rightly or wrongly, that is not really the question. The problem is the treatment of this story by the people who follow (or not) the trial.

The majority have only seen a few extracts to form an opinion. Amber Heard talks about stepping back for women’s fight to be heard. Her detractors do not see her as a victim and she risks losing everything in this story. We learned, a few days after the trial, that his role in Aquaman 2 was going to be cut in the editing, so that the blockbuster would no longer be part of the debate.

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