United States: An alligator who loves diet coke invites himself to their home

On Wednesday of last week, an unexpected intruder crept into the garage of a couple in Naples, Florida. It was about an alligator who was thirsty but perhaps wanted to keep the line: he attacked cans of diet coke…

Jamie and Karyn Dobson had made the mistake of leaving their garage door open. Suddenly, they heard a noise so loud that they first thought it was a car accident, they testified on the WINK News channel.
Jamie Dobson finally cracked open the interior garage door to take a look. And he saw an alligator of almost 2.50 m.

“There was diet coke everywhere. The alligator opened a can and went after several cans,” said his wife Karyn. Who clarified that maybe the saurian thought it was beer.

The couple called a specialist, who captured the animal and released it back into the wild, far from any soda.

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