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upon opening it, the volunteers are stunned

Cardboard abandoned in front of the shelter: by opening it, the volunteers are stunned

That day, this German refuge made two particularly shocking discoveries…

On its Facebook page, the shelter in Troisdorf, a town in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, recently shared its bad day.

It all started with the arrival of volunteers who discovered eight kittens of about six weeks old abandoned in front of the front door, in a travel bag.

But the day was far from over…

Eight kittens in a sports bag

Kittens abandoned in a box

A few hours later, it was a cardboard box closed with tape that was discovered by the volunteers, already tired by the situation and the influx of abandonments.

Inside was obviously an abandoned kitten, as well as two empty bowls and a fabric to serve as a bed. Holes had been drilled for air to enter. The poor animal was particularly cold and scared. He was quickly taken care of and warmed up by the entire team at the shelter.

Two sad discoveries which gave a lot of work and pain to the volunteers and which shocked Internet users on Facebook.

Remember that you must sterilize your animals to avoid ending up with unwanted litters. In addition, you should never abandon your animals in boxes and other cardboard boxes thrown in the wild. There are rules to follow so that everything goes well for the animal.

In this specific case, what would have happened if the dogs in the shelter had been afraid of the cardboard box? Or if no one had found this kitten in time?

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