Upper Loire. Sauron, this dog from Beauzac, young European champion thanks to his master Yoann Blay

The European championship for dogs organized by the Société centrale canine took place last weekend in Paris Nord Villepinte. It gathered almost 10,000 dogs.

First for a dog born in France

Yoann Blay, breeder from Beauzac (Kazan No), took part in this competition with his dog Sauron who won the title of “young European champion”. This dog was born in Yoann’s breeding and won this title just at the age of 12 months. A historic first for a dog born in France in the American Akita breed where 84 dogs were registered.

Before embarking on breeding, Yoann Blay, 33, took the time to get to know this breed well. This Beauzacois, hairdresser by profession and passionate about akita, decided to start breeding this dog from Japan by creating Kazan No, “volcanic” in Japanese.

Large stuffed animals with a strong character

Today he has two Akita Inu and two American Akita females and one male in each breed. The first puppies were born in 2018 and Yoann has been competing for more than 15 years.

These are big stuffed animals with a strong character. The akita dog has become fashionable, close to his master, calm but who can be stubborn and independent. Originally it was used as a bear hunter, then served in the Japanese army during the war. Today, it has become a pet in its own right.

“I fell in love twenty years ago,” explains Yoann Blay. “I had the opportunity to take part in competitions and exhibitions. This allows you to gauge yourself and tend towards the standard of the breed and above all pleasure. It is possible to come and see the dogs by appointment in Beauzac. »

Yoann Blay, Tel.

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