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USA: She kills a man to protect a cat


United StatesShe kills a man to protect a cat

A young driver is accused of deliberately hitting and killing a forty-year-old.

Hannah Esser, 20, is charged with murder.

Hannah Esser, 20, is charged with murder.

Orange County

In California, a young woman killed a man because she thought he was going to hurt a cat. She “showed complete disregard for human life,” said prosecutor Todd Spitzer.

It all started around 8:20 p.m. Sunday in the city of Cypress, Orange County, with an argument between two drivers. Hannah Esser, 20, and Luis Victor, 43, both got out of their car. The young woman accused the forties of deliberately trying to run over a cat.

After a brief confrontation, the two eventually parted ways. Hannah Esser got back into her car as she continued to blame Luis Victor, according to one statement of the Orange County District Attorney.

Arrested and imprisoned

The young woman drove off, but instead of driving away, she turned around and “intentionally” hit Luis Victor, who was walking to get back to his car. The man was violently thrown onto the bonnet and then onto the asphalt. The police, who were present at the scene ten minutes after the start of the argument, found him dead.

Hannah Esser was arrested not far from the scene of the drama, shortly after. The young woman is charged with murder. The formal trial is scheduled for October 13. Meanwhile, she is in custody on a million dollar bond.

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