Various facts: a master finds his dog scalped in Is-en-Bassigny

On a farm in Is-en-Bassigny, a 12-year-old dog was found methodically scalped. Due to her extreme suffering, she was immediately euthanized. Its owner is stunned and has filed a complaint.

Can we explain the inexplicable? After the sabotaged drinking troughs which caused the death of twelve animals in Haute-Marne, new unspeakable facts took place at the Saint-Jean farm, in Is-en-Bassigny.

Last week, the last of July, a skin with hair was discovered on the ground without knowing where it came from. While going to feed the dog, the farming family discovers one of the animals scalped from the neck, to the ribs and to the tail. The dog is still alive but her owners quickly resolved to euthanize her to shorten her suffering.

A 12 year old dog

Farmers admit they don’t understand anything and wonder how it is possible to come to this. They explain the presence of the dog on the farm: “being the victim of numerous diesel thefts, she was there to discourage thieves without being really dangerous”. 12 years old, the animal was crossed griffon and malinois.

They also explain that the cutting of the skin was extremely “clean and smooth” as done by professionals. They say they imagine everything and very quickly dismiss the accident. The veterinarian’s report is the same. He does not notice any bite from another animal and thinks of cutting with a notched hunting knife to skin the game.

The breeder wonders if the world has not gone mad thinking about the story of the cut off horse ears or other acts of torture on animals. He lodged a complaint with the gendarmerie and DNA samples were taken in order to detect traces and have the first explanations.

Frederic Thevenin

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