Vaud: The dog with two mistresses on the menu of the Federal Court


In December 2020, a golden retriever went missing. A dog that looks a lot like her was found with a former friend of the owner. Justice is slow to decide.

The Federal Court rejected the request for recusal of the prosecutor requested by the woman suspected of theft.

20 minutes/Marvin Ancient

The story goes that, faced with the dilemma of having to choose between two women each claiming the motherhood of a baby, Solomon proposed to cut the infant in two in order to share it equitably between “his” two mothers. One of the women preferred to give up rather than see the child die. The wise king deduces that it was indeed she who had carried the child in her womb. The Federal Court recently found itself in a similar situation. Except instead of a baby, there’s a golden retriever, Joythat Lola* and Peggy* are fighting over, two women whose love for this dog has ended up altering the bonds of friendship.

Almost simultaneous disappearance

After losing two of her dogs, Peggy took care of the walk of Joy, Lola’s dog in 2020. Believing that her legitimate mistress was not taking proper care of her, she wished in vain to adopt the golden retriever from 4 years. Peggy also sent reports targeting Lola to the Vaud Veterinary Service. No irregularities were found during the checks. Mid-December, during a walk in the forest with a neighbour, Joy disappears. At the same time, Peggy left Switzerland for France. This increases the suspicions on his person. Lola files a complaint in January 2021.

Suspicious resemblance

Returning a little over two weeks later, Peggy seems to have changed her habits and is increasingly deserting her home for an unknown address. The police set up a surveillance system. Lola is no exception. On January 22, Peggy is arrested in Valais in the company of a dog, a carbon copy of Joy. But according to the respondent, appearances are deceptive. “It’s not Joy but my dog ​​Bella,” she claims. Bella has a French electronic chip. But the place corresponding to that where Joy’s Swiss chip was located has been razed.

SPA concerns for the female dog

Heard by the prosecutor, Peggy claims to have bought Bella in a refuge in France. While waiting to clarify the situation, the authorities decided to place the dog in a shelter in Lausanne. During this time, Peggy multiplies the procedures: requests for the withdrawal of certain documents from the file, in particular data from her mobile phone and the video of the “confrontation” between the dog allegedly named Bella and Lola, attempts to challenge the prosecutor, appeal against the lifting of the sequestration. In October, the SPA is concerned that “the prolonged stay of the sequestered dog at the shelter is inexorably affecting her behavior and her health”. The animal was thus handed over to Lola in March 2022.

Appeal dismissed

But Peggy didn’t let go. Her last request to challenge the prosecutor having been rejected by the Cantonal Court, she appealed to the Federal Court (TF). In May, Peggy’s lawyer applied for the granting of suspensive effect for the dog to return to the SPA pending the outcome of the case. None of the requests were successful. The TF dismissed Peggy’s appeal. The latter must bear the legal costs set at 3,000 francs, as well as the 2,500 francs allocated to Lola’s lawyer. But the soap opera is far from over.


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