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Vendée: a town invaded by stray cats, traps set out to catch them

A stray cat catch is organized in Lorient (Morbihan) until February 4, 2022.
A cat trap will be provided to residents to catch cats to have them sterilized. ©

At the city council on September 26, the mayor of Barre-de-Monts (Vendée), Pascal Denis, recalled that the municipal council approved the process of identification and sterilization of stray cats in the municipal area and authorized to sign the agreement.

Catching stray cats

“It is in order to best meet the needs of stray cats for identification and sterilization that it is necessary to develop the device and no longer call for Noah’s Ark”, explains Pascal Denis

It is therefore proposed that the capture of stray cats be carried out “by volunteers, who will be given a cage and a voucher so that they can deliver the cat to the Philippe Gousset veterinary clinic in Saint-Jean-de-Monts, from sterilized if necessary. The volunteer will then release the cat at the captive site”.

Not always easy

Costs for identification and sterilization are borne by the municipality, paid to the veterinary clinic, on a monthly basis. “It is easier to walk through the city, otherwise there will be too many speakers and it will remain the same prices as Noah’s Ark, which continues to be our support”, notes the mayor. “Often they are all in the same neighborhoods, it becomes a real nuisance”, insists elected representative Marie Mordacci, adding: “I see the Marais road by Marie Bulteau, it is being invaded, even by putting food in a cage, to get them in she can’t do it, it’s not that easy to do. »

What trap?

A cat trap is a type of cage that closes on both sides with a kind of trap door. By touching a certain point on the floor of the cat trap, the open door is released and closed, so that the cat stays in the trap and cannot escape on its own. The cat trap is a live trap that poses no risk to the trapped animal and cannot cause harm.

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