victims and defense lawyers awaiting the verdict

The end of the longest trial in French judicial history. After ten long months, i.e. 149 days of hearing, the special assize court of Paris must render its deliberation in the trial of the attacks of November 13, 2015, Wednesday June 29 from 5 p.m., after having met for two days and a half in a secret place, cut off from the world.

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Bruno Poncet does not think day and night of the verdict, like many victims. It is rather serene that this survivor of the Bataclan will go to the deliberations, with all the same in mind a certain idea of ​​justice. “I hope only one thing is that, for justice to be up to par as it has been from the beginning, the sentences will be commensurate with what the people have done and not the ‘event itself’he confides.

“Today, that’s what we can recognize in Salah Abdeslam: directly, he didn’t kill anyone. Unfortunately, he participated in that but he didn’t kill anyone, so the assassins are not in the box , we all know that.”

Bruno Poncet, Bataclan survivor

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The Assassins of November 13, “I saw three of them, they are not there”, regrets Bruno Poncet. If the sentences are up to what people have done, this Bataclan survivor believes that“At least I think we’ll all be able to grow out of this.”

The defense lawyers are more feverish. Master Stanislas Eskenazi defends Mohamed Abrini, Salah Abdeslam’s childhood friend. He admitted at the hearing that he had to take part in the attacks of November 13 before giving up. The lawyer knows that his client will not be spared. “I still apprehendrecognizes Me Eskenazi. I hope to have been heard by the court. I would have a stomach ache if I hadn’t done the work. Me, I’m a pessimist by nature, so I expect the worst and I did the job.”

“I was very worried about not being understood. But I had this impression, given the number of people who came to talk to me, that I was understood. It was my worst anxiety.”

Me Stanislas Eskenazi, lawyer for Mohamed Abrini

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A feverish expectation and the end of an adventure for master Xavier Nogueras who defends another accused of the box, Mohammed Amri, tried for having brought Salah Abdeslam from Paris to Brussels the night of the attacks. “We’re really going to have the feeling that it’s over, that our work is done.explains the lawyer. When we started this trial, we were at the crossroads of a lot of different feelings. We were talking about something dizzying, stress, anxiety and at the same time, we had to remain dignified in the face of the victims and their suffering.” Ending this trial, these are other feelings: “The feeling of work accomplished, the fear of what will happen in terms of results, of deliberation. And above all, the fear of leaving all these people with whom we have lived for nine months and there are strong ties that created. It’s something very special and unique.”

The verdict will be delivered on Wednesday at the end of the afternoon. Reading the judgment should take several hours.

Trial of the November 13 attacks: lawyers and civil parties await deliberation – Reportage Gaële Joly

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