victims’ lawyer wants legislation to boost food safety

8:16 a.m., September 18, 2022


Me Debuisson, who represents families who are victims of pizzas contaminated with E. coli bacteria from Buitoni, wants to change the law to avoid a new food safety scandal.

Beyond the fight against Nestlé, Pierre Debuisson and his customers – families of victims contaminated by the E. coli bacteria present in Buitoni pizzas – see wider. “We want to change food safety legislation,” asks the lawyer who claims to have “started a job” with parliamentarians, without wishing to be more specific at this stage. His wish is “Submit major industrial groups to a reinforced food safety obligation, under penalty of massive, punitive sanctions”.

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A sentence proportional to the turnover

Echoing the recriminations of the families of children, mostly, and some adults, intoxicated by eating Fraîch’Up pizzas, from the Buitoni brand (Nestlé group), Me Debuisson judges ” too weak “ the maximum penalty for manslaughter. It is five years imprisonment and 75,000 euros fine. A limited sum, according to him, in view of the profits made by large companies of this type.

Me Debuisson proposes that the punishment be assessed as a percentage of the turnover, “why not 10 to 15%”. In 2021, that of Nestlé amounted to more than 80 billion euros worldwide.

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