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[Vidéo] A wild boar charges a walker and her dogs

In Spain, a walker almost had a heart attack when she descended from the tree in which she found refuge after a wild boar attacked her and her dogs.

While she was walking with 2 of her dogs on the edge of the forest, a Spanish woman noticed the presence of a wild boar in the nearby field. The woman then takes out her phone to film it and keep a memory, but she surely did not expect the boar not to let it go!

The suid who spotted the dogs then decides to charge them in turn, without luckily succeeding in reaching them. He will then locate the woman who will have just enough time to jump into the tree to escape the animal.

Of a “moody” nature, it is not uncommon for us to post videos of wild boars charging, such as this boar who forced a man to take refuge in a tree too

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