VIDEO. Dozens of dogs participated in the Canine Surfing World Championship in California

Hundreds of dog fans, and dozens of dogs, gathered on Pacifica, Calif., State Beach this Saturday, August 6, for the World Canine Surfing Championship. The dogs competed in categories according to their size and they are judged on multiple factors such as the length of the ride, technique (standing on all fours, sitting or lying down), confidence and the size or strength of the wave. The canines also competed in dog tandem as well as in human-dog tandem with their handlers on board.

Prerana Rani, dog owner and spectator, was curious if her dog would take to the waves like those who compete. “I think it was amazing to see so many dogs coming together and just surfing. It’s the first time I’ve seen dogs surfing, so it was really good and I hope my dog ​​takes inspiration from it,” she said. This Canine Surfing World Championship has existed since 2016.

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