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In the middle of a heat wave, dogs also suffer from the risk of dehydration and heatstroke. Brut has collected the advice to follow to shelter your dog during the hot weather.

First received idea to fight: no, it is not good to mow your animal in the summer. In the dog, “it is the hair below that will help regulate its body temperature”. Here’s how to protect your dog during heat waves.

For Laura Daydie, project manager at the 30 Million Friends Foundation, it is essential to keep all the hair of your animal, including during the heat wave. Brushing your dog is however recommended to prevent knots from forming in his coat.

Making sure your home is well-arranged can help protect your pet from the heat, according to Laura Daydie. “If you have rooms with tiling, it’s good to let him have these kind of rooms in free access, the tiling is refreshing.”

To continue the development of the home, the project manager also advises to “take a wet towel and place it on a drying rack”, in order to create for the animal “a little cool hideaway”.

“To refresh the dog, you can also use a damp cloth or a washcloth that you put on his head and on his paws.”

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