VIDEO. In Feyzin, the rose grower Orard pays tribute to the starred restaurant “La Pyramide” and its famous chef Fernand Point

The rose grower Orard, based near Lyon, is dedicating a new rose to Fernand Point, a famous cook from Vienna and mentor to Paul Bocuse. Their creation was baptized on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of “La Pyramide”, the famous chef’s restaurant. A new tribute 61 years after obtaining the first Fernand Point rose.

On June 18, the baptism of the rose “The Fernand Point Pyramid” took place in the patio of the famous restaurant La Pyramide, in Vienne, in Isère. An opportunity for Chef Patrick Henriroux to celebrate the bicentenary of this temple of French gastronomy.

The Orard rose garden, located in Feyzin, has decided to pay tribute to this establishment with flowers. But not only, it is also an opportunity to evoke the memory of the “Fernand Point” rose, designed in 1961 by this same family of rose growers. This rose is no longer edited today.

“In 1961, my grandmother and my father had already baptized a rose Fernand Point. We have a little emotion to walk in the footsteps of the generation that preceded us”, explains rose grower Jean-Charles Orard.

Difficult to find the original variety, so the Orard heirs started from scratch for this new production, a tribute to the first. Patrick Henriroux, two-star chef who now runs the famous Viennese restaurant, was associated with this creation.

It is characterized by a deep parma pink color and a powerful fragrancet. It has pronounced lemony notes. It is a balanced rose, which subtly combines pleasure for the eye and olfactory pleasure.

“It has an absolutely extraordinary scent. In the evening after a day in the sun, this rose gives off incredible scents and it’s symbolic for us cooks. We always say, it’s color, smell, flavor, when a dish. Here we have a bit of that!” confides the starred chef.

The rose “La Pyramide Fernand Point” now adorns the surroundings of the starred restaurant. From the gardens to the dining room, it is the soul of the former boss who watches over and perfumes the place. The legend also says that there were often roses in the kitchen and not just in the dishes!

“After her husband’s death in 1955, Madame Point placed a fresh rose every day next to her husband’s portrait. That way he was still there, on watch,” explains Patrick Henriroux.

Proof of its success, the new creation has already won 5 prizes in various international competitions.

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Rose grower Orard designs a new rose Fernand Point

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