VIDEO – Queen’s Jubilee: The success of the “corgi cam”, dedicated to the most faithful friend of Elizabeth II

An ephemeral photo studio has been set up in Leadenhall Market, in central London, where everyone, admirer of royalty, dogs or both, can come and be photographed with the doggie inseparable from the image of the queen: the Welsh Corgi Pembroke.

To make the participants wait – because it was sometimes necessary to wait two hours – the organizers let the dogs of the studio go to meet the public in the lines. This was for many a unique opportunity to pet and have fun with corgis.

Caught up in the festive whirlwind of the jubilee, some got caught up in the game and did not hesitate to have themselves immortalized in a photo, a corgi on their knees, adorned with a royal cape and a crown, all on a comfortable floral sofa, worthy of Her Majesty’s salons.


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