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VIDEO This Nîmes lawyer who is a hit on TikTok

Lawyer Julie Rebollo and Fabien Forne of the Mediatyc agency (Photo: Mediatyc)

Julie Rebollo is a lawyer at the bar of Nîmes. PTo attract new clients, she decided to approach the digital marketing agency Mediatyc. They then agree on a development strategy by creating a Tiktok account specializing in the legal field. In her short videos, she discusses her favorite subject: corporate law and the relationship between employees and employers. One of them has reached three million views.

In liberal collaboration with the GN lawyer firm in Nîmes, Julie Rebollo is in her fourth year of practice. Holder of a university degree in management of health and safety at work, she works mainly in labor law even if she will not be able to officially validate this specialization until next year.

Its objective is to develop its network and its own clientele. Thus, she approaches the digital marketing agency Mediatyc which advises her to start on Tiktok. A social network that at first glance does not necessarily seem suitable for this type of legal content. “It was a gamble because a lot of people around me told me that I had to go through SEO, otherwise it wasn’t going to work”, she explains. “I still trusted the agency and that happened gradually. Tiktok has come to speed things up. Thanks to my videos, in addition to having developed my clientele, I am now well referenced. It was killing two birds with one stone.” continues the lawyer who is delighted to be contacted by people from all over France.

The Nîmes did not expect to have so many reactions in her generalist videos, “I don’t give legal advice, it’s more accessible information that is intended for as many people as possible. I speak to both employers and employees, I have no label. » Several professions then called on his services such as a farm, a computer company and others. ” It varies. On the networks it is a first approach to reach the most people and case by case comes next. »

@avocat.julie.rebollo Do not sign your balance of any account!!! ❌ #soldedetoutcompte #rupturecontrat #contratdetravail ♬ original sound – Maître julie Rebollo

Julie has already posted eight videos that accumulate at least 30,000 views for a total of 165,000 likes. One of them was a real hit and peaked at 3.2 million views. A post that discusses whether or not an employee has signed the balance of any account. “I did it because these are questions that often came back to me and I just wanted to explain to people their rights. » The lawyer draws inspiration from recurring questions for her subjects, but it is the Mediatyc agency that films and edits her videos. The Tiktok algorithm being complex to understand, it was a surprise, even for the agency, that the lawyer from Nîmes managed to distinguish it.

The young chairman now wishes to continue this momentum with a well-established guideline, ” the law can seem boring at first sight, on the networks the subscribers are not there to take the head and attend a lecture ». A desire to give practical advice that concerns as many people as possible on a daily basis. She now has 82,000 subscribers on Tiktok and does not intend to stop there. At the same time, in the same spirit, she is also developing her Instagram account.

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