VIDEO. This street artist pastes drawings of wild animals to warn about the extinction of species



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“The noose is tightening enormously around certain animals”. Nadège Dauvergne is a committed street artist. On city walls, she sticks drawings of wild animals to warn of the threat of their extinction.

“I have 120 polecats to glue”. Nadège Dauvergne, street artist, has prepared drawings of polecats that she will stick on the walls in Paris, accompanied by volunteers.

“The idea is to help people get to know these animals. This Exodus series starts from the state of the campaign” explains Nadège Dauvergne.

“Even if it’s not the polar bear, it’s still small species on which we have an impact and which we see less and less in nature” comments a gluer.

“Before it was present everywhere on French territory and since the last century, its populations have been decimated. We would like it to be on the list of protected species” adds Nathalie de Lacoste, referent of the skunk file at the SFEPM association.

Foxes, badgers, wild boars, Nadège Dauvergne pastes drawings of multiple wild animals, in order to alert on the importance of their preservation.

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