VIDEO. Two deer caught “intoxicated” in the village of Arcis-le-Ponsart, near Reims

Here are two of them who could have ended the night in a drunk tank if the gendarmes had invited them to blow into the breathalyzer… This Friday, April 22, around 6:30 a.m., a duo of deer were indeed surprised of drunkenness” in the heart of the village of Arcis-le-Ponsart, a small town in the Ardre valley located 30 kilometers west of Reims.

Fortunately, the deer crossed paths with Pascal Ruffy, animal photographer, who finally managed to guide them towards the exit of the village. History of sobering up safely.

“They were completely panicked and lost. They were trying to cross a fence by butting their heads into it.

The Fismois (who is currently exhibiting a hundred of his best shots in Fismes) recounts “the incredible scene”: “They were completely panicked and lost. They were trying to get through a fence by butting their heads into it. »

Pascal Ruffy

On the video that this nature lover made, we see the two animals, destabilized in front of houses, for long minutes, almost staggering in the street. “I suspected that they had abused euphoric buds (read elsewhere). Gradually I calmed them down and pushed them in a direction where I knew they could then run away into a field. Although the road there is not very busy, the objective was to avoid the accident. »

Blame it on the euphoric buds

At this time of year, it is not uncommon to come across disoriented stags or roe deer approaching houses and finding themselves in sometimes awkward situations. In April 2020, a young brocade was captured in the middle of town in Reims. It had taken several hours to dislodge it, then release it into the forest. Again, the recalcitrant seemed “drunk”. Blame it on spring and its buds.

Pascal Ruffy

Because this unusual behavior is explained by the gluttony of the animals, particularly fond of the sweet taste of young shoots. Problem: they are full of sap and therefore of alkaloid substances, which ferment in their stomach and produce effects comparable to those of alcohol. Once sated, the animals then begin an “agitated” digestion, won over by a feeling of intoxication which sometimes prevents them from calmly returning to their natural environment. If their unpredictable reactions can make you smile, these “hovering” deer risk putting themselves in danger. Especially around major highways.

The 30 Million Friends Foundation has just launched an appeal to motorists to be vigilant. “The loss of natural landmarks is not due solely to the ingestion of euphoric plants: there is also the obligation for young deer, in the spring, to leave their mother and set out to conquer a territory. This is why some deer find themselves far from their habitat, sometimes near homes,” adds the foundation committed to animal protection.

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