Villers-sur-Mer: from a hotel-restaurant, Le Celtic will be transformed into three “friendly and quality” addresses

Victor Granturco surrounded by part of the Celtic team. ©Le Pays d’Auge / M.-M. grinder

At the end of April, life resumed fully on Place Jeanne d’Arc. Celtica historic establishment well known to Villersois and tourists, has reopened its doors after six months of work, with a new team and a new boss, Victor Granturco. “The former owners, whose family had owned it for several decades, were looking to sell this establishment, which is part of the heritage of Villers-sur-Mer”, says the man who embarked on the adventure to take over and restore life to this place.

If the establishment was taken over on June 20, and was open last season, it quickly closed its doors the day after the shell festival. “We had the will to do large-scale works”. From November 1 to April 29, the establishment was thus closed, to give it full time to transform. “When we did the inauguration, we had more than 200 people, he rejoices. It shows that it is an establishment which is really known within the city and which speaks to the Villersois, there was a certain curiosity ”.

From one to three establishments

Originally, Celtic was a hotel-restaurant. “We no longer wanted to operate the hotel part, which had 14 rooms,” continues Victor Granturco. This hotel part, we want to transform it into an additional catering offer”.

The old Celtic being separated by a small alley, at ground floor level, and no longer intended to be a hotel, “there was no longer the absolute need to have a single and same establishment “. The idea, on the contrary, would be “before July 1, to have three different entities instead of Celtic”. Three establishments that will be grouped under the same company: Food Connection.

To begin with, the part celtic historical building, overlooking Place Jeanne d’Arc, reopened its doors at the end of April, with a terrace, a ground floor and an upper floor. On the rue du Maréchal Leclerc side, a new establishment The Good Table should open with a ground floor and an upper floor before the summer. A restaurant “a little more qualitative and upscale”. Upstairs, there is still a fairly large area. “Here, we want to do a kind of private club which would allow all professionals on the coast to be able to combine professional activity and meals, bar service, while maintaining a certain confidentiality”.

The kitchen, which will be common to the various establishments, has been enlarged and renovated, the decoration has been redone, and the place seems to have grown well without its rooms. “A priori in terms of place settings, we are going to explode the figures that there were before the takeover”, underlines the Villersois entrepreneur who mentions around 130 place settings for Celtic (50 on the terraces, 40 on the ground floor and 40 upstairs). ” And for the Good Tableeverything will be decided during the work, but we should have at least 80 on the ground floor and perhaps 40 on the floor”, assesses Victor Granturco.

Make the meal fun

While the summer season is starting and many restaurateurs are struggling to hire, Victor Granturco has already completed his team, made up of around ten employees for the moment, “who are known in Villers as being waiters who make the attractive and convivial meal” and who will have the possibility of evolving in the two restaurants, according to the crowds. “Our objective, in the various establishments, is to offer good dishes and good products, but also to really have a team that offers sympathy and friendliness to our customers”.

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A way to build customer loyalty for these places of life which, unlike the old celtic which knew periods of closure, will remain open all year round to delight the taste buds and season with doses of conviviality the meals of the customers.

Place Jeanne-d’Arc, in Villers-sur-Mer. Open every day, midday and evening. Contact: 02 31 87 41 46.

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