Vincenzo Guzzo and the sweet Sunshine

Everyone knows Vincenzo Guzzo, but not his beautiful Sunshine. Sunshine is a female cane corso bleu born on March 28, 2021, in the midst of a pandemic, and adopted after her appearance on the television show Dragon’s Den.

What is the reason that led you to have this dog?

First, my daughter wanted a dog. Then I saw Sunshine while filming one of the episodes of Dragon’s Den. She was in a pitch with the whole litter of five puppies. She was the only female (with four males) and the bravest. She came straight to me. I chose it because females are generally calmer, less aggressive and smaller than males. And then, I have five children. Four guys and a girl. I wanted to give my daughter a “sister”!

Why did you choose this name?

Because of my nickname on the TV show Dragon’s Den : they call me Mister Sunshine.

Are you more cat or dog?

I had two dogs before Sunshine: Fido, a boxer, and Coco, a golden retriever. I do not like cats. I can’t feel them… They freak me out, drive me crazy.

How would you describe Sunshine’s personality?

She is still young. She is very friendly. We live opposite a school and there are always people opposite and she doesn’t yelp. She doesn’t bark often, but when she does, there’s really something going on. She listens well, especially my daughter and me. It’s a bit normal, because it’s the two of us who take care of it the most in the family.

Does it have a physical particularity?

His ears are not cropped (trimmed) as they usually are for this breed of dog. This gives her a little Labrador look and softens her.

Tell us about one of his bad shots.

Once I left her alone in the garage with no entertainment or bones to chew on, she found one of my jackets and shredded it. Impossible to repair!

What is his favorite place?

His cage. It is a very large cage (48 in x 48 in x 48 in). She had it from the start and is used to it. There is a big cushion inside. She loves that.

Tell us about the relationship between Sunshine and your family members.

Sunshine creates a rallying point between my children and me. Sunshine’s presence seems to soothe them, especially my daughter. My wife is more reluctant, even though she had promised the children a dog. It must be said that I adopted Sunshine without talking to him about it. This created friction. On the other hand, last December, my wife bought a Christmas decoration in the shape of a bone, carved out of wood, with the name Sunshine engraved on it.

Is your animal a source of inspiration for you?

For me, she is not a source of inspiration, but a source of peace. There is this expression that says: “It’s a dog’s life” when you work like crazy. Sometimes when I come home after a long day at work, I say to myself: “Look at this… My dog ​​has a better life than me!” »

About Vincenzo Guzzo:

  • Owner of the Guzzo cinemas, including a new one in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu since last December
  • dragon in the show Dragon’s Den on CBC
  • Owner of Pizzerias Giulietta

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