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Viral challenge: Which dog has a different face?

Visual challenges are trending on different social networks and people are competing to solve each of them. viral challenge displayed on their screens. Those more accustomed to it, with several hours of practice, are tested by how long it takes to find the answer.

On this occasion, the new viral challenge circulating among the platforms is the image of several dogs which, at first glance, all appear identical. Although they all have the same color and almost all the same characteristics, one small detail sets a trap for the ignorant.

This visual puzzle reveals a series of dogs, sixteen in total, arranged in four rows of four. All animal cartoons are the same and look like there is nothing different between them. Therein lies the secret of the riddle which is only solved by a small percentage of those who play the challenge.

What’s different about the new Viral Challenge?

It’s your turn to watch, think, analyze and find which of them is the intruding dog that breaks the peace and quiet of the picture.

It takes some users a few seconds to find the small difference between photos that are the same distance apart. If you think you can do it, take the time to test your cognitive abilities.

The viral challenge that's all the rage (Photo: Small Joys).

The viral challenge that’s all the rage (Photo: Small Joys).

In this regard, it should be mentioned that about 97% of the challengers who wanted to solve the viral challenge The riddle of the doggies has been left in the void and without the real answer that can be obtained by looking hard. Without anguish and by carrying out a thorough examination, the logical enigma is solved.

The Puppy Photo Solution

If you are one of those who still haven’t found the solution to the viral problem, but you think you are close to reaching it, we bring you the solution below.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t succeed, as mentioned, 3% of those who play the game manage to see the smallest detail that differentiates one of the dogs.

The viral challenge that's all the rage (Photo: Small Joys).

The viral challenge that’s all the rage (Photo: Small Joys).

This time it is the specimen that is in the middle four in the photo. They all have the same color, the same shape, the same eyes, the same languages, but the distinctive sign is the eyebrows. In the intruder’s dog you can see that they have been drawn bigger than the others.

All dogs are too similar, and the complexity of the virus challenge means just that: great difficulty. The objective is that the challenger must look more precisely and in detail each of the images, and this at high speed.

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