Viral video of cat rescuing brother trapped under sofa is reminiscent of mythical scene from The Lion King

As his brother, trapped under the sofa, called for help, a cat rushed to help him. This heroic act was filmed!

It’s a scene worthy of an action movie, or a disney. A cat had a heroic act to save his brother, trapped under the sofa. The video of this rescue caused a stir on social networks.

Tom snuck under the sofa

book is the owner of two cats, tom and Tilly. She shared on TikTok a video where we see tom flatten down to manage to sneak under the sofa. If the feline has managed to enter it, it is then unable to come out of its hiding place. In a panic, he slips his paws out and appears to call for help. That’s when Tilly had an exemplary reaction, as related Newsweek.

Illustration of the article: The viral video of a cat rescuing its brother trapped under the sofa is reminiscent of a mythical scene from The Lion King

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Tilly immediately came to help her brother

In a situation like this, some cats would probably ignore their friend. Anyway, that’s what I think Wutkeea user of TikTokwho commented “I judge my cats a bit, because for sure they would have just left the other stuck, and would have taken the opportunity to eat more food“. But Tilly did not behave selfishly. She grabbed her brother by the scruff of the neck, like a mother would with her little ones, then started to pull. She pulled so hard that she finally managed to drag her brother out from under the sofa. Once the animal was rescued, the two cats sat down and casually resumed their lives.


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The video made a splash on TikTok

The heroic behavior of Tilly received over 2.6 million likes on TikTok, and 21,500 comments! For example, someone wrote “I can’t believe what I just saw. Tilly is a hero”. Another person said “Oh my God ! I am in shock. You would think that this kind of thing only happens in cartoons.” Users of TikTok also make the parallel with the film The Lion Kingin which Scarunlike Tillybetrays his brother Mufasa dropping it into a ravine.

book shares many other videos that clearly show the complicity between the two cats. Here is for example one, where tom turn your head away Tilly so that she lets him access the kibble bowl a bit.


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