“We are far from law and justice,” said his lawyer.

The Paris prosecutor’s office announced on Tuesday that it had requested a trial before the assizes against Tariq Ramadan. The Swiss Islamologist is accused of rape by four women.

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“We are far from law and serene justice”, reacts Pascal-Pierre Garbarini, Tariq Ramadan’s lawyer, after the announcement, Tuesday, July 12, of the Paris prosecutor’s office of a request for his client to be referred to the assizes for the rape of four women. The 59-year-old Islamologist is accused of three rapes and one vulnerable person rape. “There is a dismissal for the fifth plaintiff”says the lawyer.

“The defense cannot get away from the idea that Tariq Ramadan’s profile, his personality, his political positioning have played a very important role in the stigmatization that has been made of his sexuality”says the lawyer.

“The political positions in relation to Tariq Ramadan’s Islam played a part in the decision to want to send him back to an assize court at all costs.”

Pascal-Pierre Garbarini, lawyer for Tariq Ramadan

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“For them, an extraordinary sexuality is necessarily a sexuality that has to do with rapesays Maître Pascal-Pierre Garbarini. We are in situations that point the finger at morality, not the definition of rape, omitting the lies made in the statements. I think that all of this will allow the investigating judge to make a decision that will allow things to be sorted out.”

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