“We no longer knew where to go to refresh them”: dogs finally allowed to bathe in Hyères

When we talk about being naked at the beach, we usually think of swimming without a swimsuit. Naked as on the first day.

On the Mérou beach side, the hairy beach now evokes two families: hard hair and long hair.

For a few days now, the town hall has just dedicated a hundred meters of the coast, between Ayguade and Les Salins, to our four-legged friends (well, especially those who bark).

After initially assuring that it was not his intention, even in the face of a petition calling for it loud and clear, (our edition of July 23) she had the flair to understand that it was time to create this “cani-beach, canine seaside space”. The only place where Rex, Fido, Jack, Happy or Chouquette can play in the sand and splash about without risking the HP.

25,000 signatures

At the origin of the petition, launched at the beginning of the summer, Anne-Sophie Guarino, a 35-year-old Farlédoise savors this victory for the animal cause.

“I said to myself that something had to be done because since Castille in La Crau is forbidden to dogs, we no longer knew where to go to refresh them”sighs the young woman.

Watching out of the corner of her eye her animal, which happily throws itself into the water, she admits to having been doubly surprised.

First by the echo of his petition. “It now has more than 25,000 signatures, it’s huge. We get them from all over France and even from abroad!” she is surprised, admitting that this is the first time that she has launched such an approach online.

Surprised also by the municipal response and its change of direction.

“I received a phone call from the town hall asking me to come to an appointment. I admit that at first I was a little worried because in the first article of Var-morning, she had said that it was not possible to allow dogs on the beach… But in the end everything went well. They had understood the problem, prepared a project and we were able to discuss it to easily reach an agreement. I feel like I was heard on behalf of the dogs and their owners.”

“Isolated and marked out”

Jean-Pierre Giran confirms that the tide has recently turned regarding the possibility of allowing dogs on part of the coastline.

“We ended up finding a place, relatively isolated and well marked out, which we equipped with bag dispensers and garbage cans for the dog owners to keep the place clean. We hope that they will be responsible and that it will not ‘there will be no conflict of use’smiles the mayor, slipping that this new installation will allow the passage to be more firm concerning the prohibition of animals on all the other beaches… And by the way, he too confides blown by the echo that this authorization has received on the Internet . “It’s a publication that has 783,000 views! It’s amazing”.

This Tuesday afternoon, on the city’s Facebook page, the publication announcing the creation of the cani plage had indeed more than 7,000 thumbs up and nearly 3,000 little hearts!

Dogs and masters unanimous

On the beach this Tuesday morning, around Anne-Sophie and her dog Maxou, a beautiful unanimity reigns among the new users of the premises.

“You started the petition? It’s great, I signed directly. And the town hall chose the place well. It’s perfect and it really meets a need”savors Delphine surrounded by her border bollie and her Australian shepherd.

Same enthusiasm for Dominique, who came specially from Solliès-Pont to soak his husky. “It’s good for us who live here and it’s good for tourists who can come on vacation with their dog.”

There is unanimity around the initiative and around the idea that dogs soil the coast much less than all those who leave bottles or packaging there after folding up their towel.

“Let’s lie to all those people who say that a dog is dirty”sings as a rallying cry Anne-Sophie Guarino.


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