We tested Philo Saucisse by Top Chef, winner of La Guerre des Restos

In the 7and episode of Top Chef 2022, Arnaud, Wilfried and Mickaël won an emblematic victory during the La Guerre des Restos event. The key for the winners? The opening of the restaurant designed for the event, for a few weeks. Therefore Philo Sausage opened its doors on rue Rampon, in Paris.

A menu of Top Chefs around the sausage

For the first time, we were therefore able to go to the winning restaurant of the mythical event as soon as the verdict… and discover the menu acclaimed by the jury! Hailed with 15 points (far ahead of the 6 points accumulated by No. 2), the glowing comments from chefs Glenn Viel, Philippe Etchebest, Hélène Darroze, Paul Pairet and the food critic François-Régis Gaudry Philo Saucisse opened its doors. On the menu ? Recipes that won Mickaël Braure, Arnaud Delvenne and Wilfried Romain:

– Octopus sausage*, lamb. Lemon coriander condiment, cream of broccoli, octopus, pickles, chickpeas and lamb sausage (* the octopus is in the sausage)

– Inverted sausage. Vegetable sausage, aligot and meat juice.

– White sausage. Apple, almond tile, cider gel, cottage cheese and caramel.

To make the party even crazier, Philo Saucisse has teamed up with French vodka Gray Goose to offer a menu food pairingexploding. Thus, for each dish, an original cocktail is to be enjoyed! The Sweet Martini Cocktail (Grey Goose vodka, Noilly Prat Ambré, yellow chartreuse) accompanies the starter, the dish is eaten with the Mule des chefs – a cocktail reminiscent of the essential Moscow Mule -; finally, the cocktail ‘Chez Mamie’ which mixes Gray Goose vodka, apple juice, lemon and vanilla syrup brings a touch of gluttony and welcome sweetness to accompany the dessert.

Not to be missed: the hidden bar of Philosaucisse by Top Chef, furnished by GRAY GOOSE® in a cold room, a few steps from the restaurant area; the opportunity to enjoy the fabulous signature cocktails of the brand imagined by Florian Henry, the GRAY GOOSE® brand ambassador … until 2am (and 4am from Thursday to Saturday)!

We tested the ephemeral restaurant of La Guerre des Restos (Top Chef)

Mickaël Braure, Arnaud Delvenne and Wilfried Romain, winners of La Guerre des Restos.

Philo Saucisse is a bistro (self-defined as “sweet mix between bistro and delicatessen) friendly and gourmet. If the 100% sausage menu can be disconcerting, the mastery of tastes quickly puts us in agreement and, from the starter for dessert, the sausage does not denote!From the start, we are seduced by the lemon coriander condiment which sublimates the perfectly mastered starter.The dish plays on safe values ​​by combining aligot and meat juice … enough to satisfy all the taste buds! As for dessert, the white pudding surprises a little: but it is precisely dosed which allows you to savor an atypical but (very) well-balanced and – still – very gourmet dessert. Verdict: we agree with the opinion of the jury Philo Saucisse deserves his victory!As far as the place itself is concerned, Philo Saucisse left Saint-Maur-des-Fossés to invest Paris and treated himself to a beauty: orange refrigerator, large slate annotated with recipes, fruit and vegetable baskets… we find e show DNA markers with pleasure. A 100% Top Chef experience not to be missed!

Useful information. Pop-up restaurant Philo Saucisse (4 Rue Rampon, 75011 Paris). The winning menu €35 (+ €30 for the food and cocktail pairing by Gray Goose). Other recipes available.

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