What foods are toxic to dogs?

Chocolate, grapes… Some foods are toxic to dogs. What are they ? What should I know about the symptoms and the risks involved?

Taking care of your pet means ensuring the quality of its diet. Whatever Dog Breed concerned, it is advisable to have a good knowledge of the recommendations in terms of food, as well as the toxic foods to forbid.

What foods are toxic to dogs?

From toxic food for dogs, which present a mortal risk, chocolate is particularly dangerous. In question, the theobromine of cocoa. The canine organism has indeed more difficulties to eliminate it than the man. Symptoms are manifested by vomiting, even neurological and cardiac disorders.

Other foods and ingredients should be avoided in your pet’s diet:

  • grapes, the cause of serious kidney problems
  • the sweetener xylitol, which causes sugar levels to drop and damages the liver
  • salt, too large amounts ingested lead to brain edema

We can also mention alcohol in all its forms. In the most severe cases, this can lead to respiratory arrest.

As for the bones, it is not toxic food for the dog. However, smaller pieces, such as those from a rabbit or chicken, should be avoided. Cooking them also increases their fragility. They can therefore break and form splinters. After ingestion, there is then a risk of perforation of the intestines and stomach.

What food not to give the dog?

Some toxic foods for dogs are the cause of pathologies and troubles, without being fatal. For example, they can cause digestive problems, poor coordination or muscle weakness.

It is therefore advisable to avoid:

  • raw potato, responsible for urinary disorders
  • garlic and onion, which destroy red blood cells and lead to anemia
  • Macadamia nut, which causes vomiting and abnormal fatigue
  • avocado also has a moderate level of toxicity

The consumption of tree leaves is the cause of digestive disorders, similar to those observed with dairy products and lactic preparations. They can be the cause of cardiovascular disease. As for the stone of the fruit, its size represents a significant risk of intestinal obstruction.

What food is good for a dog?

In parallel with toxic foods for the dog, it is also appropriate to mention the healthy food and good for the health of your pet.

Among the vegetables, we can dwell on carrots, spinach and asparagus. As for fruits, you can give him apples or even watermelon.

Another recommended food, lean meat, wheat germ, as well as unprocessed fresh fish, preferably cooked to avoid the risk of parasitic infestation. By considering these precautions, you can therefore serve him tuna or salmon for his daily rations.

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