What happens to Florent from Top Chef? – Receive a barbecue – Make your own ice cream: discover our gastronomy selection for Walloon Gourmands

Glitter in my life

Present at all parties, he is almost part of the family. Yet I don’t see him often because it’s only in the spring that he comes out of his den. From the first rays of sunshine, he is moreover expected as the messiah in my village.

At the start of his season, everyone knows that we will have to be patient. Whether you’re on foot, by bike or by car, you’ll have to wait a bit, but it doesn’t matter. Because when I push the door of his house, there is already a little taste of happiness.

At the helm, the captain has the figure of gluttony and sparkling eyes. In front of him, I can’t remain unmoved by such a pretty palette of colors. Green, pink, caramel, and even purple. Like an orchestra conductor, he juggles with flavors by taking care of the classics and venturing into original compositions. Not stingy with words, he explains to you that he got his milk from the farm next door and that his fruit comes from the neighboring orchard.

With blows of anatella, amarena, and other milk flowers, he then puts glitter in your life without forgetting to say: “I put little colored beads?”


How to have good blueberries in your garden: our specialist’s answer (video)

Mr. Adelin Hongret from Waterloo loves blueberries and has therefore decided to plant a blueberry tree in his garden, but it has been vegetating for 3 years. What to do? Answer from Marc Knaepen, our garden specialist.


Shortage of wine bottles? The deposit does not know the crisis at Grafé Lecocq (video)

Like other sectors requiring the use of glass containers, winegrowers and wine merchants taste. The shortage of glass threatens the next traffic jams. At Grafé Lecocq, the ancestral locker saves the day.


Namur: 30 years of selling ice cream and still not cold

From vanilla to chocolate, including violets and raisin rum, Le glacier de Namur has been selling its “homemade” ice creams for 30 years on the Place de l’Ange. Back on a career rich in flavors.


Salzinnes: L’Accueil Gourmand, an inclusive and short-circuit restaurant (photos)

Uncommon in Namur: an inclusive restaurant allows you to discover (and appreciate) the know-how of people with disabilities.


Former Top Chef finalist, Florent Ladeyn defends committed, 100% local cuisine (photos and video)

Deeply rooted in his terroir of the Monts de Flandre, near Comines-Warneton, the former Top Chef finalist breaks the codes of gastronomy. This atypical chef delights the taste buds with dishes made exclusively from local produce.


La Biscuiterie Namuroise launches Wow, a little brother to personalize, without losing quality, the biscuits to (s)have (video)

A name, a design and the biscuit comes to life. Two and a half years after its birth, the Biscuiterie Namuroise welcomes a little brother: Wow. For a cookie that is still artisanal but customizable online.


Hong Kong: The famous 76-meter-long floating restaurant capsizes in the China Sea

Unable to revive after the covid crisis, this famous restaurant had left Hong Kong last week.


Restaurants in difficulty? Philippe Etchebest arrives in Belgium

Nightmare in the kitchen, it’s a well-oiled machine. Around the personality of the charismatic Philippe Etchebest, restaurateurs in difficulty, without customers or almost, offering a cuisine far from that defended by the chef.

VIDEO | Thai ice cream in Namur: a rolling business

At 21, Antoine Beauloi brings with his foodtruck an original concept that did not yet exist in the Walloon capital.



Make your own ice cream with fruits from the garden

You no longer know what to do with gooseberries or raspberries from the garden? Why not make super easy ice cream with the kids?


Caramel and fleur de sel ice cream

A quick tour of Brittany, and more specifically Morbihan, with this salted butter caramel recipe.


Strawberry-feta to replace tomato-mozza

How about a change from the eternal tomato-mozza with a strawberry-feta salad?



We tested the restaurant La Roseraie in Modave, a family affair

Everything is serenity and refinement, in the lodging as in the cover. The accommodation is as luxurious as it is unusual. At Marie’s table, the contemporary has not distorted the family home.



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