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What is cleaner, the cat or the dog? Find out the answer

One of the most frequently asked questions and one of the most popular statements about dogs and cats is undoubtedly that cats are much cleaner than dogs.

And you know that even if the conclusion is true, the reasons are not a purer cat case than Dog. Actually cat has a stronger instinct to hide his urine and feces.

If you put a 50-day-old kitten on the kitchen floor and you give him a box full of sand, he’s going to bury his urine and his excrement because it’s a birth instinct, it’s an act so innate that he has to bury all feces and he will leave them in the only place where he can bury them.

Thus, pwhy not a dog ? Why do dogs don’t they bury their feces?

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When the dog relieves itself, it marks its territory with the sweat glands of its paws. He says : ” I’m here“. Moreover, he will insinuate that he will just leave well-marked tracks that fully identify him when he wants to.

Moreover, when Dog doesn’t want to, it doesn’t leave a trail so as not to be pursued by its enemies or those who could expose it to predation.

That cats are not cleaner than dogsand yet the postmodern environment, as a plateau of essential postmodern elements integrated into the pet environment, dictates that cats is technically cleaner than dogs.

Daily cat care

Tongue brushing has a relaxing effect and can be improved blood circulation of yours cat. The cat’s tongue is covered with small, sharp spines that play an important role in the grooming process. Each taste bud on the tongue contains a lumen that collects saliva, which runs over the fur when cat licks itself. The tongue deposits almost half of the saliva on the coat.

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This actual humidification, in addition to the care and combing it produces, serves to regulate the temperature, then cats do not have sweat glands, allowing the specific heat of saliva to trap heat and cool the body.

Treats also act as a passive exercise that helps improve blood circulation and spread sebum throughout the coat.

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