when she sees her hair, she bursts out laughing (Video)

His dog climbs on the sofa: when she sees her hair, she explodes with laughter (Video)

Rosario shares moments of his life on Tiktok. Last March, a video of his dog Catarina made an incredible buzz with nearly 3 million views on the social network!

The perfect place for a siesta

His dog loves to spend a lot of time on the couch. And if some doggies are not allowed to climb on the sofa, Catarina has the right to take her naps there. So, the female dog is having a field day.

Her mom surprised her one day looking for her spot to sleep on the sofa. The little dog was going back and forth to choose the softest place.

So much so that his hair was completely charged with static electricity. Result: the dog had shaggy hair all over his body!

She can’t stop laughing

On the images of the video, Rosario calls the dog who is rubbing against the sofa.

The dog turns around and stares at the camera: with her hair completely stiff and erect in the direction of the sky under the effect of static electricity, she looks like a little hedgehog!

His mistress had never seen him like this, and she can’t help bursting out laughing when she sees the doggie with this new look. And it must be said that we are too!

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