When the heat wave rages, the bath is the best friend of dogs at the Cantal SPA refuge, Le 15 - THECHOWANIECS.COM

When the heat wave rages, the bath is the best friend of dogs at the Cantal SPA refuge, Le 15

Bad weather ? It would rather be the exact opposite… At the community animal shelter, managed by the SPA du Cantal Le 15, in Arpajon-sur-Cère, it’s not good to be outside in the heat, whether on two legs, or on four legs. Even more than usual, the animals are the subject of all the attention of volunteers and caregivers, to spend the best summer possible. And for not to suffer too much from the heat, already.

No hiking when the sun is beating down

This year, we have taken a new arrangement: on certain days, when it is very hot (it was 33°C yesterday, Monday August 8, editor’s note), we do not take the dogs out for a walk. This was the case, for example, last week. These temperatures are trying for them. We prefer to let them out in our shaded parks around the refuge. And then, to refresh them, we bathe them, we water them, ”explains Florence Gamel, volunteer president of the refuge.Vox enjoys a little improvised swim, in a swimming pool at the SPA du Cantal Le 15 refuge.

A little further, Romain, animal caretaker, walks quietly, to offer Vox a little trip in the pool.

The Refuge of the SPA of Brioude (Haute-Loire) saturated: 45 cats are waiting for adoption

He’s not crazy about water, so it’s not won! “Except that Vox will not remain faithful to his reputation of being fearful and will jump, without being asked, in the tank filled with water. “He must have understood that it was going to do him good…” Cloths have been attached to the grids of the boxes to preserve the animals and provide them with shade.

Once out he will be taken back to his box. Since the arrival of the hot weather, sheets have been fixed to the grids to create shade in the enclosures.

“It allows them to stay a little cooler… While waiting for the installation of roller shutters, which we have been waiting for some time and which should have already been installed, thanks to the France Relance plan. But it will soon be. This winter, they will then be protected from the cold…”

Florence Gamel (empty)

prefer to see, optimistic, the president of the Cantal refuge.

Watch out for hot tar for the pads!

This week with temperatures that should be as hot as last week, the volunteers, in consultation with the veterinarian, will again skip the walks.

“We try to adapt as much as possible, as owners must also do at home:

We renew bowls of fresh water for them and we try, if we can, to take them out in the morning or in the evening. Especially we avoid when it is very hot: you have to be careful with tar

She continues: We have our shoes. They have the pads directly in contact with the hot tar”, warns the president of the refuge.

In Cantal, Marie-Chantal Tissandier is an animal protection activist

Towards a new wave… of adoption?

What she is hoping for, above all, is a new wave… not of warmth, but of adoption, in favor of the 80 dogs (and as many cats) at the shelter.

Fanetteadorable cross griffin, TinaBelgian Shepherd cross (above), falckoa shepherd/Labrador cross, and the others, are biding their time… and the crush of visitors, anxious to love and take care of an animal, unconditionally.

Marie Edwige Hebrard

Animals looking for masters. Adoptions are possible, all year round, at the Cantal SPA refuge. The adoption of a cat costs 175 €: that of a dog 250 €. ” This is much less than what a master will pay if he goes through his veterinarian to have him sterilized, vaccinated and identified, for his part. “, emphasizes Florence Gamel.
Each time, the animals are tested against leucosis, vaccinated, identified and sterilized (for cats), vaccinated, identified and sterilized (for dogs).
Being identified is a mandatory and regulatory provision for all pets: since 1999 for dogs and 2012 for cats.


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