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Why adopting a dog is the best stress reliever?

Several studies have proven that the presence of a dog in our life makes us happier and less anxious. Adopting a four-legged friend is therefore a miracle remedy for everyday stress.
Obviously, this is a decision that must be carefully considered, but for those who are still looking for a good argument to pass the course or convince their better half, you have it in front of you.

Some tips to keep you in shape with your companion:

How do they do ?

Petting a dog after a stressful situation is an excellent remedy for calming anxiety. Indeed, when you pet a dog, it decreases the production of cortisol, the stress hormone, and increases the production of oxytocin, the hormone of happiness and love. A winning combo to regain our serenity. These caresses also lower blood pressure and, in the long term, reduce the risk of cardiovascular accidents.
Just looking a dog in the eye for a few minutes releases endorphins and dopamine in our body, which almost instantly gives us a feeling of happiness.
A 2016 study by the Harvard School of Public Health showed that 87% of people who own a dog or spend time with them feel more serene in their daily lives.

Photo by Thibault De Ceuninck

A recent initiative by the OnePlus company has once again proven the benefits of
dog on man. For one day, a What’s app line was made available for all stressed people. It was enough to send a message and the company responded with personalized puppy videos to ease the anxiety. The line soon found itself taken by storm, inundated with messages clamoring for cute videos.

mutual happiness

Petting a dog and spending time with it makes you happy and it’s completely mutual. When you bring love to your four-legged friend, it releases endorphins and dopamine in them too. When a dog is stressed or in physical pain, your love calms their anxiety and relieves them. The happiness that your life partner gives you is therefore perfectly shared if you give him in return all the love he has for you. By adopting a dog, you will make two happy for sure!

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