Why adopting a second dog from the Cordules creates controversy

The Cordule family have been subjected to insults on social media after sharing their happiness at having adopted a new dog.

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That’s it ! Dali, a little puppy of about five months, has joined the Cordule family. It’s Justine, the mother of the tribe who participates in the show Large families: Life in XXLwho announced it this Tuesday, July 26 in his Instagram story. “We present to you Dali”, she shared with great excitement. Dali, with various crossings but with a great resemblance to the Beauceron breed, therefore joined Coco, the first dog in the family.

Why did Justine Cordule create controversy?

Even before she adopted Dali, the tribe’s mother of seven was already receiving derogatory private messages on Instagram. Indeed, an unknown user had accused her of wanting to adopt a dog only to take advantage of product placements and therefore make money, “He too will be used by * pdp * like many other influencers who adopt and show their dog or cat only to place their products”. To which Dali’s new mistress replied that she “doubted” to receive such messages. “I suspected it but there, she was quick, she doesn’t even wait to see the dog or even to know if we have adopted a dog or not”she retorted with humor.

Dali: a difficult start in his new home

Even if the family is used to animal adoptions. It seems that the adaptation was more complicated than expected. Justine Cordule confided that their new dog ” cry “ a lot but that they have already experienced the same situation with Coco. This sadness would be caused by the separation of Dali from his mother as well as his brothers and sisters who remained within the association where he was adopted. To facilitate Dali’s integration, the Cordule children spent their day playing with him. “We try to get to know him, the children are too happy”, reassured Justine Codule. Despite this meeting marked by times of grief, Justine Cordule was optimistic about the future with her new pet. She also claimed that the “beginnings” are often like that but ” it’ll be OK “ in the next few days. That’s all we want them!

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