Why do cats choose their favorite person? Here is the answer !

Cats are notorious for being picky about their ” Flatmates “ and you should know that each cat can have a special relationship with a member of the house.

The person who feeds them and takes care of them is not always the one our felines love the most. It may seem unfair, but for a cat, bonding with humans goes beyond meeting their basic needs. When choosing their favorite person, they don’t just think about who will provide their next meal.

Recent studies on the behavior of felines, which have studied the “domestic cats” and urban cat colonies, have brought about a major change in our understanding of the feline: the cat is not a social animal, but a relational animal.

But nevertheless, and this is very important, the cat can establish affective and attachment relationships with individuals of its own species, as well as other species, including humans.

Reasons why cats choose a person

Here are some of the reasons why your cat may prefer one member of the family to others:

1. Personal space: Cats may want you to pet them, then they will nudge you to leave them alone. Cats are known to be moody, and only want our attention when it’s in their best interest.

In most cases, the person who knows best how to interpret these mood swings will also be the one who wins the cat’s heart. Cats don’t appreciate being cornered or petted when they’re not in the mood to interact.

2. Personality and character of the cat: Like people, cats have distinct personalities. Regardless of this appearance, felines choose their owners, based on who best matches their own personality.

Cats are keen observers and know who is fun in the family, who is quiet and annoying, and who is loud and intimidating. They will gravitate towards the person who behaves in the same way as them, and will be more distant towards others.

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We know that cats are independent animals. Unlike dogs, which tend to develop destructive behavior when owners don’t give them enough attention, cats don’t need human contact to exist.

Felines are known for their independent, aloof personality and demanding nature when it comes to bonding with a person.

  • How do I know if I’m my cat’s favorite person?

These are some of the behaviors that tend to occur when a cat has a particular preference for a person:

  • He chases you everywhere, even in the bathroom.
  • It gets on you wherever you are, and it’s usually accompanied by a pleasant purr.
  • He usually greets you with hugs and greetings, his meow saying “Hello, I was looking forward to seeing you”.
  • He scratches at the doors if you’re inside, for you to open them for him, even just to make sure you’re there and to turn back to the door.
  • He greets you by mixing your scent with his, as if to say “We are one”.
  • He also kisses you, licks you, rubs against you in a gesture of love.
  • When you’re lucky, he massages you with his little paws.
  • He gives you a little nudge.
  • The place he sleeps best is with you.

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