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Why do cats wag their tails? The hidden message they want to convey to you

Cats are known to be very curious animals and their behaviors can sometimes be difficult to understand. There is a gesture that is very often observed in cats: tail wagging. Discover the message they want to convey to you with this feline gesture.

Often the meaning of a cat’s gesture is associated with that made by a dog, but this is not always the right way to interpret certain behaviors of these pets.

It is well known that when dogs wag their tails, it is because they are happy. Only, this is not always the case with felines. Most of the time they do it for other reasons.

Let’s see together why cats wag their tails and whether to pay attention to this behavior.

It is well known that cats, like dogs, communicate with us and with other animals through their gestures. To understand what our feline friend wants to tell us, it is very important to understand his body language.

A cat wags its tail for 6 reasons, here are the ones:

angry cat

Angry Cat – Source: spm

He is angry

If the cat starts to move its tail from side to side continuously or with small movements while lying down, it means that it is disturbed by something or someone. It would therefore be advisable in this case to leave the cat alone and wait for it to calm down.

He is afraid

A cat may wag its tail if it is frightened. Unlike when he is happy, the cat can do this gesture with his tail down. You have to be very careful about the position of the latter, because if it is straight and the back of the cat is arched, it means that the cat is ready to attack. It is therefore advisable to move away from your four-legged friend.

cat stance attack

Cat in attack position – Source: spm

He wants to hunt

If the cat wags its tail and it swings from side to side, it means it is ready to hunt. We can see this behavior both in wild cats near prey and in domestic cats when playing with a mouse or a ball.

He is excited

One of the reasons cats wag their tails is because they’re excited. In this case the tail is erect and begins to swing in an up and down motion. You can easily notice this gesture when your cat is happy to see you when you come home. The feline might exhibit this behavior even when marking the territory so be very careful.

He feels confident

When our four-legged friend wags his tail up, it means he feels confident walking around the house. In addition, this gesture is a way for the cat to communicate to people and other animals that the cat wants to play. This body language therefore means that he is happy.

A cat in the hands of its master

A cat in the hands of its master – Source: spm

He feels safe

Your cat may also wag its tail when you pet it or purr. In this case, it means that the cat feels safe. Your four-legged friend therefore tells you that you can continue. The cat may also wag its tail when sleeping, again because it feels safe.

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