Why is my cat eating grass?

It may seem disturbing to see your cat ingest a large amount of grass. Why is he doing this and should he be stopped?

For all cat breeds, eat grass is a common and normal behavior if consumption remains moderate. It is even important to make it available to them, especially if they live in an apartment. What are the reasons behind this need to eat grass?

Can cats eat grass?

Eating grass is a benign behavior for your pet. He does not consume it to meet his nutritional needs. Likewise, it is not a deworming solution.

In general, your cat knows perfectly well how to regulate its consumption of grass. However, a tendency to overeat may indicate an eating disorder. In this case, it is therefore recommended to consult a veterinarian in order to diagnose any medical problem, for example, a risk of intestinal obstruction.

Why do cats need to purge themselves?

The main reason a cat eats grass is the need to purge. Indeed, it feeds on it to regulate its intestinal transit. Some varieties, like the broad strands, are known to have a laxative effect. These herbs then eliminate any hairballs in the digestive system. Likewise, it is not uncommon for a cat to vomit after ingesting grass. Again, this allows him to purge, even regurgitate foreign bodies.

In the latter case, catnip is the herb that makes your cat vomit. However, it should be monitored when you make it available to him. Due to its effects, it should not be freely accessible. Similarly, not all animals are susceptible to it. If your cat likes it, he purrs most often. It also expresses its contentment by regular and long rubbings against the grass. This can also have euphoric virtues on your cat.

Should I give him catnip?

If your cat has a green space, it is not necessary to give grass to your cat. He is perfectly independent to find some by his own means. In town, it is however possible to offer him potted catnip. As mentioned above, this type of product benefits from rapid growth. Beforehand, remember to find out about the toxicity of certain varieties.

When a cat eats grass, it responds to a physiological need and relieves itself of possible digestive disorders. In addition, it is essential to pay particular attention to your pet’s diet. Whether it’s kibble or mash, the quantity and nutritional sources must match the feline’s needs, size and preferences.


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