Why the cat is now considered an invasive species in Poland

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Cats are among the most common pets in the world. A few days ago, the Polish Academy of Sciences categorized the domestic cat as an “invasive alien species”. The news was badly received by those who are fond of the feline.

Cats attack birds and other animals

The cat is now considered an invasive species in Poland. This decision caused the indignation of the defenders of the cats.

The Polish Academy of Sciences explains in a report that the domestic cat (Felis catus) has been categorized as an invasive species due to its negative influence on native biodiversity. Indeed, the feline would attack a large number of birds and mammals each year.

Very quickly, cat lovers expressed their dissatisfaction with this new classification. Wojciech Solarz, a biologist from the Polish Academy of Sciences, did not expect such a reaction from the public. He points out that another 1,786 species are already in the database managed by the academy’s Institute of Nature Conservation. However, no one ever objected to any addition.

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The institute does not ask to euthanize cats

Wojciech Solarz explained that the criteria for considering the domestic cat as an invasive species are 100% fulfilled. He notes that it is an exotic species, as it was first domesticated around 10,000 years ago, ” in the cradle of the great civilizations of the ancient Near East, which stretched from the Nile Valley to southern Mesopotamia “.

The biologist also notes that the negative reactions can come from a misunderstanding. In particular, some media would have given the impression that the Polish Academy of Sciences called for the euthanasia of cats. To clarify the situation, the latter declared on social networks that she is opposed to all cruelty towards animals.

To overcome this problem, the institute recommends that owners limit the outings of their cats, especially during the bird breeding season. Poland, 140 million birds would be killed each year by these felines.

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